January 20, 2022
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Chapel Of The Valley

Timeline For The Chapel of the Valley Stained Glass Windows
1878 Sisters of Mercy arrive in Prescott.
1896 Land purchased and Hospital Construction started
1898 Construction Completed
1906 Stained Glass windows made in Germany
1940 Mercy Hospital Burns, Chapel Windows Salvaged
1972 Windows Offered For Sale, Henry Brooks of Prescott purchase windows and stores them at his home. 2002 Chapel of the Valley Dedicated in Prescott Valley's Fain Park

Sisters of Mercy at Mercy Hospital in Prescott, Arizona in 1896.( More on the Sisters of Mercy in Prescott - Link Will Open in New Tab/Window)

Mercy Hospital, shown her in 1918, was built in 1898 on Grove Street in Prescott, AZ. The hospital chapel on the left contained the magnificent stained glass windows, which were made in Germany in 1906, that ultimately ended up in Fain Chapel in Prescott Valley.

The chapel windows were salvaged and stored away after the hospital burned down on June 8th, 1940. The chapel and the one story building in front survived the fire and are the only parts of the complex that still stand today. A new brick building was built in front of the old chapel.

This is a picture of the same area today. These buildings are now part of Prescott College.

Henry Brooks of Prescott purchases windows. Learn More About Henry Brooks and The purchase and storage of the Fain Chapel Windows

Henry Brooks also donated an Estey Reed Pipe Organ, circa 1877, to the Chapel. It was installed at the Chapel in 2006 shortly after Henry's passing. (Learn more about the Estey Reed Pipe Organ - Link Will Open in New Tab/Window)

Chapel of the Valley (Fain Chapel) Today With Windows From the Mercy Hospital Chapel