January 20, 2022
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Community Projects

Donated Arbor Memory Tree in Fain Park

Chapel of the Valley Volunteer Program

The Historical Society performs docent duties for the Chapel of the Valley, Fain Park. Being a docent for the Chapel is a wonderful opportunity to meet new people and have quiet time in a peaceful setting.

Docent duties are reserved for members of the Society, If you are interested, please contact Darlene Packard at 928-848-0626.

The Chapel of the Valley is open Saturday and Sunday,
11 AM - 3 PM and is available for weddings and special ceremonies.

Chapel of the Valley Website


Grave Site Adoptions
Hoagland Graves in Citizens Cemetery
Barlow Massick Grave in Odd Fellows Cemetery
Orchard Park
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Civic Center Timeline
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Thomas Barlow-Massicks "The Castle"